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Our Story

With friends in common, we met in 2008 and began our own relationship that would turn from acquaintances to co-workers to friends over this +11 year span.  

Christina was already working with brands such as Elle Macpherson Intimates and Stella McCartney Lingerie and others at the time and two years after that meeting, Nicole joined her.      

By 2018, our love of lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear was set.  It was ingrained in us and this love affair was not going to end.  We craved working with female run brands who felt the same passion that we did.  Understanding the ins and outs of working for a major wholesale company, we wanted to offer brands the operational needs without some of the stresses.  With our combined backgrounds in planning, sales, financial reporting, and merchandising - our goal was to create a place that was more than a traditional showroom, but rather a loyal, dedicated, well rounded team for each brand we represented.

L&E was born.  

We look forward to working with you and introducing you to the brands we are fortunate to represent!

Christina Louise & Nicole Enid

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